Welcome to Durham Green Burials

Are you considering a Green Burial option for yourself or a loved one? Or perhaps you are looking for more information about what a Green Burial consists of.

Why Choose a Green Burial?

Green Funerals

  • environmental embalming or no-embalming
  • simple environmental casket or container
  • interment in environmental cemetery

Environmental Embalming

  • specially designed eco-friendly fluids
  • bio-degradable preservatives
  • no formaldehydes or other toxins used

Environmental Caskets

  • Canadian made
  • non-toxic finishes
  • no plastics & limited metals
  • easily degradable

Environmental Cemetery

  • special green section of Cobourg Union Cemetery
  • will be kept natural
  • no lawn maintenance
  • group monument using natural stone
  • only non-embalmed or environmentally embalmed

Green Burial Funeral Packages

MacCoubrey Funeral Home and Cobourg Union Cemetery, have partnered together to offer Green Burial Funeral Options to the community of Dunham Region. Our Green Burial Funeral Packages start at $2,320.00 + HST. Click here to learn more

About MacCoubrey Funeral Home

MacCoubrey Funeral Home, located in Cobourg and Colborne Ontario, is owned and operated by Scott MacCoubrey. The MacCoubrey Family purchased the Funeral Home and has been serving their families since 1961. We have been providing exceptional services to our communities offering professional Burial, Cremation and Green Funerals.

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